Our Mission Statement:
Through our employees, we will continuously strive to provide quality products and services. In doing so, we will become a successful industry leader in secondary operations involving various types of metals.
Our Vision and Values Statement:
We envision profitable growth with uncompromising quality. We value our social and environmental obligations.  We value empowerment, training, safety, and the health of our employees.

Global Innovative Defense Inc.

Global Innovative Defense is a contract manufacturer with a wide range of capabilities in the defense, pharmaceutical and metal cutting industries. Currently, the main area of focus is in the defense industry. We manufacture the metal framework of rapid deployment shelters used around the world by both government and private organizations.
Another growing sector of Global Innovative Defense deals with the pharmaceutical industry. We currently manufacture a number of flash chromatography systems and parts for one of the largest companies in the analytical chemistry and process development fields. These instruments are used by research chemists worldwide.
Global Innovative Defense also has several pieces of metal cutting equipment providing the capability to efficiently cut various shapes and sizes of aluminum, brass, and other types of metal.
Bob Rouse, CEO and founder of Clark Manufacturing (Now Global Innovative Defense), was also the founder of Powder Coating Solutions and the owner of Southern Stainless Equipment Company. After obtaining Southern Stainless, he moved the different businesses under one roof for effective sharing of resources.
In 2009, Bob sold the company to his son, Laurence Rouse, who currently owns all sectors of the business.  We have access to powder coating, welders, fabrication equipment, a 40,000-square-foot fabrication shop, and a full engineering staff to help with the design and manufacturing of your products.
Global Innovative Defense is always looking for new and challenging business opportunities. With the wide range of resources we have available, we believe no project is out of our reach. Contact us to discuss your contract manufacturing needs.