Our Mission Statement:
Through our employees, we will continuously strive to provide quality products and services. In doing so, we will become a successful industry leader in secondary operations involving various types of metals.
Our Vision and Values Statement:
We envision profitable growth with uncompromising quality. We value our social and environmental obligations.  We value empowerment, training, safety, and the health of our employees.

Southern Stainless is proud to announce the addition of 2 new pieces of equipment. We have added the TruLaser 1030 for detail cutting and etching of sheet metal.  We have also added the TRAK FHM7 milling machine for 3D milling.

TruLaser 1030


  • Creates a clean, burr free cut on a wide variety of materials.
  • Ability to cut any shape
  • Quick cut times provide cost savings against alternative methods such as machining parts.
  • Light metal etching/marking
  • Certified Autodesk Inventor and CAD drafting engineers


  • Travel (X,Y,Z axis) -60” x 23”x 20.5”
  • Maximum weight of work piece- 2200 lbs.
  • Maximum spindle nose to table 24.5”
  • Strong & Rigid Construction
  • Spindle Speed Range RMP 200-5000
  • Table Size 76” x 14”
  • Travel speeds in rapid of 250 inches per minute
  • Two & Three Axis Operation
  • DXF file converter package