Our Mission Statement:
Through our employees, we will continuously strive to provide quality products and services. In doing so, we will become a successful industry leader in secondary operations involving various types of metals.
Our Vision and Values Statement:
We envision profitable growth with uncompromising quality. We value our social and environmental obligations.  We value empowerment, training, safety, and the health of our employees.

Southern Stainless's specialty is custom work for unique applications in schools, institutiions, chain stores, jails, hospitals --- any kitchen with a serving line. 

Our products are built to order. We do our own powder coating and can match any color of stainless equipment to cabinets, saving the customer time and money. Our stainless steel counters for beverage displays can be matched to color schemes, and our products will not break down with use the way laminated counters do.

Our metal fabrication shop has over 30 years of experience in providing custom food service equipment. We offer these custom items and welcome all other custom jobs!
  • Dish tables
  • Work tables
  • Equipment stands
  • Enclosed cabinets
  • Wall shelves
  • Pot racks
  • Floor troughs
  • Serving lines
  • Sinks
  • Over shelves